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Core Curriculum - Value-based Leadership
  • The “Value-based Leadership” course - consisting of two modules - emphasises the power of value from different aspects.

           The first module concentrates on the leader’s own performance. Entrepreneurs with values are more likely to have a strong mind and the quality of calmness, concentration and fortitude. What’s more, thanks to a sane and healthy value system, people tend to obey economic ethics when doing business. All these contribute to business success.

           The second module focuses on the way of organising the employees. By promoting the core value throughout the company, the leader can improve the promotion system, and therefore provide equal opportunities for all the employees, as well as encourage them to dedicate to their work. In addition, people with same values are easier to cooperate fully with each other and work efficiently. Furthermore, it is the common value rather than economic strategy that helps the leader to hold his staff together in a dilemma.

           This course is designed for people who intend to build their own values and attain spiritual strength, or those who do not know how to establish the value system of the company and hold his staff together.

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