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The Center for Goodness Studies was constituted, cordially inviting Prof. Lou Yulie to provide guida


The concept of ‘goodness studies’ proposed by Her is innovative and meaningful. There is a saying in zhouyi, “families who accumulate merit will get the blessing and a surplus, while families who do evil will have misfortune and disaster.” The buddha has said something similar, “Never do evil in any case, devote to everything good.” Goodness is the key problem of human society, unlike the law of the jungle which emphasises fight and the survival of the fittest.  

Above is the quotation from Prof. Lou Yulie – the Honorary President of Research Institute for Religious Culture, Peking University, he gave a speech on the first goodness seminar “Good Law and Governance based on Goodness”, highlighting the importance of promoting goodness studie

Holding at Wenjin Academy, the First Goodness Seminar and the Signing Ceremony of the Publication of Series Books on Goodness Studies was co-sponsored by the Centre for Goodness Studies, China (CGSC), the Centre for Religion and Law Study, China University of Political and Law and the National Digital Library of China, supported by the National Library of China. 

Except Prof. Lou Yulie, and Prof. Rey Sheng Her – the Chief Advisor of CGSC who has long been devoted to goodness studies – there were many other prestigious scholars attending the seminar, for instance, Yang Zhuang (the Co-president of BiMBA Business School, National School of Development, Peking University), Lü Tingjie (President of Faculty of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Yu Xueming (Director of Centre for Religion and Law Study, China University of Political and Law), Wang Xinzhu (Professor at the Department of Philosophy, China University of Political and Law) and Zhang Sheng (Director of the office for Legal System History, CASS) etc.

The Chairman of CGSC and National Digital Library of China – Yang Ting – and the Editor-in-chief of National Library of China Publishing House – Yin Mengxia – jointly issued certificates for all the above-mentioned scholars, engaging them as the special lecturer and advisor of the Goodness Studies seminar and series book. CGSC and National Library of China Publishing House also signed an agreement on publishing series book on Goodness Studies: the speeches of the Goodness Studies Seminar will be compiled and published as series book.

Based on the concept of goodness in the Eastern and Western culture, from the traditional to the modern, Prof. Rey Sheng Her proposed the concept of Goodness Studies, concentrating on different aspects of human life: Culture of Goodness, Governance based on Goodness, Economy of Goodness, Environment of Goodness, Education of Goodness and Life with Goodness etc. “Goodness is altruism-oriented, and harmony should be above everything. Aiming to realise common prosperity, we need to stand in the position of goodness, have the motivation and methods of goodness, and therefore achieve the goals of goodness. In other words, we should highlight the concept of goodness in the whole process”, said Prof. Her.