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Goodness, the Mainstream Direction of the Development of Economy


There are many large enterprises in China today, but what we need more is the enterprise of goodness. I hope Cherish-Yearn 亲和源can become the leader of enterprises of goodness.  ––– Rey Sheng Her

On August 22nd 2018, Prof. Rey Sheng Her gave a talk for the administrative team of Cherish-Yearn and their staff who participated in the special training camp of China Global Philanthropy Institute. In this talk, Prof. Her explained in details the concept and significance of “Economy of Goodness” and how the Tzu Chi’s spirit of great love transcends religious thoughts and becomes a belief.

Belief is a stronger motivation than interest.

Through a series of vivid stories, Prof. Rey Sheng Her shares Master Cheng Yen’s original intention of establishing the Tzu Chi foundation and explained the spirit of great love, which transcends religion, ethnicity and nationality by.

One of the core spirits of the Tzu Chi foundation is to offer help but not press for repayment, to offer help with gratitude.

Starting from a point of goodness, the enterprise should take proper methods to gain profit. The key is to follow the concept of goodness instead of strategy.

There are eight principles for enterprises of goodness, namely taking belief as the core; to lead by value; to manage with love; to organise based on principle; to innovate out of philanthropy; building round-table structure; system produces efficiency; to build model for sustainability.

Keep "big love" in mind and put it into action

Taking good as the driving force for growth, leading the progress with the value of love, starting with the end, not forgetting the initial heart.

Prof. He Reysheng analyzed the development trend of enterprises in the era of “goodness economy”. The members of the present members also expressed their opinions and expressed their admiration for the spirit of “big love” in Tzu Chi, and talked about the future of charity and charity.

Professor He Reysheng’s speech also revealed that in the future interpersonal communication and work, we can use good-mindedness and trust as a communication tool to resolve frictions and differences.

Qi Zhiyong, the founder of the Shanghai Pro-Earth Ageing Career Development Foundation and the chairman of the Pro-Source Group Co., Ltd., presented the special training camp special lecturer to Mr. He Reysheng, and pointed out that “goodness culture will become the mainstream culture of future social and economic development”. .