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A New Era of Enterprises of Goodness in China


From Microsoft to Charity, Bill Gates earned more and repeatedly rated as the richest man in the world. Goodness brings him more social resources and helps him to gain more trust, he thus becomes a world-renowned representative of goodness and wealth.

Goodness helps enterprises to accumulate greater wealth.

John Davison Rockefeller is extremely wealthy. He lived to ninety-nine years old and devoted himself to charities after retired. He therefore implanted in his family the idea of doing charity work, allowing his descendants to inherit wealth for centuries.

Goodness is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of family business.

Ingvar Kamprad – the founder of IKEA – never fly business class, because his staff cannot afford that; he only bought second-hand clothes, because he wanted to live a high-quality affordable life, just as his customers.

The enterprise of goodness can be the value leader of an era.

There are many large enterprises in China today, but what we need more is the enterprise of goodness. Aiming to become an enterprise of goodness, we need to find a way to benefit both ourselves and others – on the basis of the concept of goodness in traditional Chinese culture, as well as the essence of Western Civilisation. By taking the concept of goodness as the cornerstone of the enterprise value, we can lead our enterprises to reach another peak.

CGSC expects to inaugurate a new era of goodness with you.