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Goodness Study Worldwide

Center for Goodness Study, China (CGSC) – consisting of China Center for Goodness Study and Development and Goodness Study Co., Ltd. – is a social enterprise that aims to study and promote the theory of goodness (shan 善) and support the practice in this field.

CGSC intends to develop the theory of goodness. The foundation of this theory is the concept of altruism. Adhering to such a concept in business activities allows people to achieve greater success. There are ten core value systems of the theory, namely “Culture of Goodness”, “Economy of Goodness”, “Education of Goodness”, “Life with Goodness”, “Philanthropy and Goodness”, “Governance Based on Goodness”, Environment of Goodness”, Technology Based on Goodness”, Art of Goodness”, Communication of Goodness. The ten core value systems respond to problems in different aspects, for instance, daily life, economic activities, business management, social organisation and environmental sustainability.

CGSC has a strong team of scholars from prestigious universities worldwide, such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Harvard University and Peking University etc. With contributions from intellectuals in the East and the West, CGSC expects to inaugurate a new era of goodness from different aspects, and therefore promote cultural exchanges and common prosperity.

On the basis of Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, as well as humane spirit in the West, CGSC intends to develop the theory of goodness. This contributes not merely to the third great integration of Chinese culture, but also to the process of Chinese civilisation reaching another peak. CGSC desired to introduce the Chinese traditional culture to the world, and expand its international influence.

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