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  • Institute Introduction

    The Center for Goodness Study, China (CGSC) aims to study and promote the theory of goodness (shan 善), as well as support the practice in this field. Such efforts, as we expect, will have a great impact on many aspects of the society such as economy, culture and organisation, and therefore inaugurate a new era of goodness. Moreover, CGSC intends to develop the theory of goodness on the basis of  Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, as well as humane spirit in the West. In this process, we will also promote cultural exchanges and common prosperity of China and foreign countries.

    CGSC consists of China Center for Goodness Study and Development and Goodness Study Co., Ltd. - the former takes charge of developing theory and educational activity, while the latter is mainly responsible for the diffusion of the idea and relevant practices.

  • CGSC founded and advanced the development model of economy of goodness, which is not merely rooted in the essence of Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist thoughts, but also absorbs the advantages of humane thoughts in the West. By introducing altruistic ideas into the business field, we encourage entrepreneurs to do business from altruistic motives, and in an altruistic way. Through altruistic behaviours, they can also make a greater profit and lead their enterprises to reach another peak.

    Culture of Goodness
    Learning from the essence of Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist thoughts, as well as the humane thoughts, CGSC intends to pursue the ultimate goodness that fits in with the trend of domestic and international situation. The ultimate goodness is the core as well as the support of the life of Chinese people, and it not merely serves as a link between the society and individuals, but also the bridge between China and the world.

    Economy of Goodness
    An economic circle of goodness is the key driving force of business and Capital market. While self-interest is usually the starting point of entrepreneurs in the Capitalist market, CGSC intends to introduce the concept of altruism into the business world. By studying and developing the economic model of goodness, as well as its practice, we aim to promote the common economic prosperity of the society.

    Education of Goodness
    CGSC aims to sustain the connotation of different ways of education such as precept, example and circumstance; establish friendly interaction between the students and their teachers and relatives; provide students with the opportunity of overall personality growth.

    Life with Goodness
    Physical health and mental health are interrelated, and a health natural environment is a prerequisite for physical health. CGSC aims to discuss, study and practice the way to achieve physical and mental health, natural and environmental health, mental healing. inner peace, intelligent life, the interest of self and others, a peace and harmony society, allowing people to go on the path of physical, mental and spiritual health.

    Philanthropy and Goodness
    CGSC intends to study and improve the management of charities from different aspects such as the conceptual system, operating, organisation and promotion. We are currently focusing on the social responsibilities of charities, the establishment and development of social enterprises, the global layout of international charities, the responsibilities and contributions of charities. 

  • Governance Based on Goodness
    Instead of a pyramid organisation with a rigid hierarchy, CGSC intends to establish and construct a round-table organisation according to the concept of benevolence and goodness. The rould-table organisation emphasises enlightening, self-discipline and compassion-motivated, rather than management, heteronomy and profit-driven.

    Environment of Goodness

    CGSC calls for attention to environmental protection and sustainable development in the process of achieving economic goal. Besides, CGSC is also committed to the promotion of organic agriculture and diet.

    Technology Based on Goodness
    Take use of modern technology to provide more welfare to human beings, for instance, to spread the concept of goodness through internet and block chain; to lead AI to a path of goodness. 

    Art of Goodness
    Art is an important manifestation of the beauty and goodness of life. CGSC intends to cultivate aesthetic perception, appreciation ability, innovation ability, allowing people to experience the beauty and goodness in daily life. 

    Communication of Goodness
    Empathy, analysis and solution is three principal components of constructive journalism – the key force to promote social progress. Based on the views of constructive journalism, CGSC tries to find a feasible way to tackle social problems.

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