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Cambridge Programme - 5G Technology and IOT

Instructor:Prof. Lü Tingjie

Shareconomy is a newly rising business model in re[Detailed course]

Core Curriculum - Innovation System

Instructor:Joe Hsueh

Through a few living examples, Prof. Hsueh demonst[Detailed course]

Cambridge Programme - Chinese Thoughts on Wealth in Ancient Society

Instructor:Prof. Roel Sterckx

Taking history as a mirror, Prof. Roel Sterckx tal[Detailed course]

Cambridge Programme - The Buddha’s Wisdom and Business Negotiation

Instructor:Geoffrey Bamford

How to employ the Buddha’s wisdom to doing busines[Detailed course]

Core Curriculum - Impact Investment

Instructor:Vincent Shen

The “Impact Investment” course is designed for ent[Detailed course]

Core Curriculum - Management with Love

Instructor:Prof. Rey Sheng Her

The management with love gives priority to the fee[Detailed course]

Core Curriculum - Value-based Leadership

Instructor:Prof. Rey Sheng Her

The “Value-based Leadership” course, consisting of[Detailed course]